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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Slice Mash Spread Drizzle Layer Sprinkle Add Cheese Drizzle and Heat

An adaptation of Pissaladiere Baguette, a recipe by Jacques Pepin from his book Cuisine Economique. His version calls for cherry tomatoes, Swiss cheese, garlic and more. I’ve made it many times, usually with gruyere, and it is wonderful. But it takes time and it has an exacting list of ingredients. This my scaled down, takes less time, use what’s on hand version. Use oregano where it calls for thrubi unless you’re lucky enough to have some.
Thrubi is a kind of mountain oregano from the island of Rhodes in Greece. To my taste it adds a sweetness that oregano doesn’t have and it’s really quite nice. We had been given some as a gift so on it went. So far it’s also been great with home fries, and chicken on the grill.

Slices of crusty bread about ½” thick
Anchovies mashed with some olive oil added to loosen them up – use a fork or a mortar and pestle
Mozzarella cheese
Thin sliced onion
Very thin sliced tomato
Sea salt
Ground pepper
Thrubi – a kind of mountain oregano from the island of Rhodes in Greece.

Spread the bread with the mashed anchovy and sprinkle with more olive oil. This dish suffers if the bread is too dry. Spread some onion around and put a little sliced tomato over that. Sprinkle with thrubi and a bit of sea salt and pepper. Add some sliced mozzarella over that. Drizzle with olive oil and bake or broil till the cheese melts a bit and the tomatoes are soft. Don’t burn the bread. The key is to make sure the veggies are sliced thin because they won’t cook otherwise. That’s it. Serve it right away with or without a salad. Have it with a glass of red and so much the better.


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