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Monday, June 13, 2005

Thai Stir Fry Try

When I do stir frys it's usually with Chinese style ingredients and flavors but I'm trying to branch out and I was finally able to get some lemon grass so I did Thai tonight. It came out pretty good so I'm posting the recipe. Next time I'll use more lemon grass, ginger root and basil leaves. I got the basic idea from the internet and adapted it to what I had in the house.

½ boneless chicken breast
7 to 10 dried red chilies – more if you like
1/2 red bell pepper, thin sliced
juice of a lime
1 Tbs. fish sauce
lemon grass cut in two inch strips
chopped ginger root
chopped garlic
zucchini – roll cut
a few basil leaves
peanut oil
crush a few of the peppers
slice the chicken and marinate in the lime juice and fish sauce – about 15 or 20 minutes

To a hot wok add the oil, heat briefly and add the crushed chilies, the whole chilies, the lemon grass and the ginger. Add the zucchini, stir fry for a minute and add the red pepper. Drain the excess marinade from the chicken and add to the wok, stir fry another minute or two, add the garlic and the basil leaves. Keep stirring a couple more minutes until the chicken is done and serve right away. Goes with Jasmine rice.


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