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Friday, May 27, 2005

The Cheese Mistress Will Instruct You

"Basically, Lebni is yogurt that has either been hung up in a muslin cloth to drain or that has had lemon juice added to it to firm it up."
We got some today* and didn't quite know what it was or what to do with it. Olive oil and pita bread are basically what you need. And a little dried mint if you have it. Kalamata olives on the side are good too. We get something similar from Cafe Apollonia and I think it comes with cucumbers and sliced red peppers. Even better, they warm their pita in a lightly oiled or buttered pan before serving.

Cool site: Lebni is just the tip of the information iceberg when it comes to the Cheese Mistress. The L page alone runs from L'Ami du Chambertin to Livarot. Cheese Mistress´┐Ż "L" Cheeses
*a brand called Byblos which seems to be available in different parts of the US.


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