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Sunday, May 13, 2007

And Talking About Being Better Marketers Than Cooks

Bertucci’s seems to have changed their recipe*, (formula?) for the meatballs they market as Polpette. I’ve had them a few times before and they were pretty good. Got them again, (as takeout food), last night and suddenly they have a very smoky flavor. I had a scotch after eating so I didn’t notice but I had the leftovers today and they also have a distinctively smoky aftertaste. Not a pleasant one either. I ate them around four o’clock and I could still taste them at five. At six I got a couple of smoky burps, wonderful..... On top of that the tomato sauce seemed excessively acidic. Is that new? I can’t remember. Oh well, looks like there’s yet another thing I won’t order from Bertucci’s again.

Questions: How do meatballs get a smoky taste? They shouldn't really have one and it’s not like they’re cooked in their wood burning oven. Are they? And if so, why? Could they be using liquid smoke? That's too horrible to even contemplate.

*In my experience Bertucci’s can’t go three months without changing things and usually making them cheaper and less appetizing in the process. Why do I go there at all? Strictly convenience.


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