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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

La Tartufata - Truffle Cream

Link above leads to product description and history.

"....Such as "La Tartufata" for example which is a cream of truffles and Boletus mushrooms and the "Boletus mushroom cream", which are two highly refined products to satisfy gourmet tastes. Whilst "Il Tartufato" and "Il Funghiotto" are two sauces one based on the white truffle and one on the Boletus mushroom, using olive oil, and with a wonderful distinctive aroma and flavour used as a dressing for both cold and hot dishes."

Tagliatelle and Tagliolini might be good choices to go with this.

A similar product:
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Updated Jul 8, 2006
This stuff is amazing if you like eating fungus. I pretty much love any kind of mushroom and have a particular weakness for black truffles. Tartufata Tentazioni totally hits the spot and is delicious on crostini or plain old toast. I actually often just end up spooning it out of the jar by itself.
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