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Monday, November 06, 2006

Try The Korean Tofu Seafood Soup

Golembek found herself down at Harvard Vanguard recently, nothing serious, but it gave her a chance to go across the street and have lunch at Misono. She reports a good experience:

"I had a Korean tofu seafood soup. This was a
flavorful seafood broth seasoned with chili paste,
full of soft tofu, a couple of mussels in shell, a
couple of shrimp, and some squid. Some bits of
mushroom, onion, scallion, and finely diced zucchini
added texture. It was accompanied by a bowl of rice
and mounds of kimchee, spinach, and bean sprouts
attractively arranged on a rectangular dish. The
spinach and sprouts were steamed and lightly seasoned
with sesame oil. It was all very tasty and
inexpensive. The spiciness was right where I like it
- not too hot, but it left a good glow."

Sounds good G. Anything with chili paste in it can't be all bad.


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