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Monday, November 06, 2006

Hannaford Rates Nutritional Value Of Their Products

From The New York Times via Yahoo News

Google Wanders Offline, Borat Rules: The Best of Today's Business - Yahoo! Finance: "A showdown over nutrition

New England grocery chain Hannaford Brothers has created a stir with a three-star system rating the nutritional value of the products it sells. Seventy-seven percent of the 27,000 products Hannaford rated received no stars, including some foods that suppliers advertise as being good for you. V8 vegetable juice was judged to have too much sodium, as were Healthy Choice frozen dinners. The food industry wasn't pleased. 'We don't like the idea that there are good and bad foods out there,' said John Faulkner, a Campbell Soup Company spokesman. (The New York Times, free registration required)"

The program is called Guiding Stars and I happen to agree with them on V-8 having too much sodium. Unfortunately the low sodium variety is not a good alternative for me because it just doesn't taste that good.


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