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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And Speaking Of Indian Food

We never made much effort to seek it out because our limited experiences with it weren't very good. But just to check it out we went down to the new Himalayan Bistro on Centre St. last week and this time it was excellent.
They start you with a super thin and crispy flat bread or cracker flavored with herbs. To go with that, three condiments. The first was a spicy tomato chutney/relish. The second was sweet and a little hot if I remember correctly, I think it may have been a tamarind flavor. The last was a creamy mixture of yogurt and mint in a shade of green that may well be unique in the world. All three were delicious and were good either on their own or together.
The appetizer was pieces of shrimp fried in a batter and served to be eaten with the condiments. They were also very good, cooked perfectly tender and not at all greasy. This compared with the dreadful, greasy, unfresh popcorn shrimp that I had while travelling over the weekend. I won't mention the name of the place but I will warn you to beware of Irish Admirals in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.
For the main course J had the Tandoori Grill. It was a selection of meats and fish, (salmon), served on a hot iron grill piece. Alongside was a tasty yogurt based sauce. Everything was tender and tasty and the only small drawback was that she ordered it spicy hot and it didn't seem that way to either of us. Nothing wrong with the flavor or the quality though.
I had the Lamb Saag and loved it. It came spicy hot, as ordered, a nice mixture of spinach and yogurt along with a blend of Indian spices. The lamb therein was small pieces of moist and tender meat.
Altogether the whole dinner was a revelation to both of us and we're looking forward to going back.


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