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Monday, January 10, 2005

Cafe Apollonia

J and I get takeout from Cafe Apollonia every so often and it's always very good. We passed the word to E & B who also like it. And now friend M has been along with a friend of hers. They went for a very early lunch on Sunday, it was just noon, and they couldn't have been happier.

She writes, "We had the place to ourselves, they were barely ready
to start serving. The couple that runs it are
sweethearts. The husband explained to us that last
night was extremely busy; probably because of the
weather no one went out all day, then decided to go
out for dinner when the snow stopped. This meant they
were up until 2:00am, so they were late coming in and
setting up today. So we were patient, and was it
worth it! I had the piskovica (?spelling) sandwich,
which is spicy ground beef/pork accented with a tart yogurt-based sauce, and [my friend M] had the Mistra - chicken breast pesto. Wonderful flavors. And the fries were fabuloso, thick-cut, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. We each took home half the sandwich, and in fact I'm now looking forward to putting it in the toaster oven and having a nice dinner.

umm, you can use this on local eats if you credit me."

Thanks M, credit is gladly given. By the way J and I love the roast lamb but everything we've had is good. Cafe Apollonia is located in Roslindale Village which is the business area for one of Boston's neighborhoods. The area is clean and safe and there are a number of nice shops and restaurants. If you're in Boston make the trip. It's definitely worth it. They also have a web site with a menu, some bio information and best of all a map so you can find it.

The address is 146 Belgrade Avenue
Roslindale MA 02131-2433. Contact info is - Phone: (617) 327-6910
Fax: (617) 327-6914 eMail cafe.apollonia@verizon.net


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